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Balloon Safari Excursion

This popular excursion is available in all safaris that include a one [1] overnight stay at any of the central Serengeti Lodges and campsites. It includes a pre-dawn pick-up from your accomodation to the launch site, take off around dawn and a flight of around one hour duration. This is one of the extraordinary opportunities to view the wildlife.

Baloon Safaris in the Serengeti park
After landing, there is a champagne toast, then later on, a very special breakfast served out in the open plains under the shade of an umbrella tree. After the meal, everyone is returned to their lodges or campsite for the rest of their tour.

The balloon safari is done by 9:30 am so this excursion can fit in with any itinerary-even if not all members of the group chose to take the balloon option.

Two hot air balloons, with a capacity of 28 passengers in total, fly once a day.

This is the only balloon trip available in Tanzania so far,and due to its unique and extraordinaire experience and popularity,seatings are limited and booking in advance is strongly recommended.