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Cultural Safaris

Tanzania has over 120 different tribal groups with the Bantu being the largest group mainly in South East Africa. (Linguistic and ethnic group).
We offer cultural tours as a separate safari, or part of most safaris.We try to influence your visit with the local cultures near the parks and towns you will be visiting.

The Sandawe people

The Maasai people
Faces around show strong Arab influence particularly in Pemba and Zanzibar.

A small minority ethnic group is made up of Europeans and Asians. This has generally led to an exciting look of different cultures and traditions of mixed people.

Cultural heritage has been preserved fairly successfully by the indigenous people, wide spread of Kiswahili language (Tanzania’s official language), despite Tanzania being independent during the regime of Julius Nyerere.

A number of tribes still live as they used to, such as the Aboriginal wa-Tindiga. They live in off roots and under ground old-age shelters and all they do is hunt for food. The Ndorobo and Kangeju still speak click languages amongst them.

For Westerners, the Maasai have a long symbolized nature Africa. With all the romance and nobility, be it ways of lifestyle. The Maasai have also deliberately maintained their traditional practices for over 150 years in Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater and Highlands, despite the fact that majority are in Kenya.

The Maasai a nomadic culture, move cattle from place to place to graze them. In all aspects, the cows dung, milk, blood and meat are used in everyday life by the Maasai for their psychological and physical survival.

A wealthy family is recognized by the number of cattle it owns.

A number of indigenous groups especially the nomadic Maasai have long term impact on environmental degradation, tribal settlement, water management and land rights either on the nation or international.

Government efforts to settle indigenous tribal groups in complete modern villages with schools, clinics, roads and movement freedom. Fast diminishing of the tribal people happened as a result.