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About Us

Tony Taylor
Oversees Tour Operator

Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor considers himself East African safari PRO, with over three decades experience of working as a safari guides. He started working in Kenyan national parks until in 1980's when tourism gained momentum in Tanzania, then moved back to his homeland Tanzania. While on safari, he always talks about spotting wild animals including black rhinos by the roadsides around Lake Manyara National Park.

Mike always chats about doing game drives (viewing) with very old Volkswagen Beetle mini - vans which very often broke down, leading to a number of days before they could even see Serengeti National Park. Mike misses the days when he spent full days in the park without seeing any other vehicle. Mike remembers when not much was developed in the parks, no developed roads, not any kind of road assistance in the parks and they used vehicles totally unsuitable for off-road driving.

"I could spend my entire life in the parks and be happy. I miss the 1970's and 1980's game drives when everything was very adventurous and dramatic, no four wheel drive vehicles or radio communications."

Mike has worked for many big local and foreign safari operators in Tanzania, and has guided very famous dignitaries and photographers. He is very familiar with East African wild animals, vegetation, ecology, cultures and history. He loves birds and he can identify every single bird you can spot. Mike is OUR LEGACY for safaris in Arusha and the National Parks.