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The Great Migration

Wildebeest crossing River Mara is the most exciting scene all people want to see.


Zebras migrating in the Serengeti

Serengeti cheeter
They spend tie here crossing forward and backward of Mara. This becomes often in the months of July and October, to see this, depending on the weather.

This is an impressive sight as you see hundreds of animals crossing fast flowing waters of River Mara. In the process, some are left in the hands of the crocodiles, while others escape. Its largely a matter of luck as it becomes very difficult to cross.

Mara’s big part lies in Tanzania and its not realized by a lot of people. If you are staying in the North, its easily accessible at Ololosokwan via the North East. This place is excellent with a picnic and a full day game drive.

The place is also home to a number of game throughout the year especially in the areas of Grumeti and Lobo and in the riverine forests you can see the lions and leopards lying along the river lines and Kopjes, probably in the morning as well as the cheetah sightings also being common.

Stunning views of elephant families drinking along the springs just North of Lobo under the hills also will excite you.

You can also have a chance to sight the giraffe, buffalo and all different types of plain game.

Ugly scar is the main highway in Serengeti and it helps in re-activating the park’s traffic. You can see a number of game along this road and along stopping they slowly disappear away from the scene.

There are some magnificent riverine trees along the river such as mahoganies and figs and a variety of different bird species such as Turacos, fish eagles and not forgetting a number of King fishers along the rivers intervals like Sentinels.

Central Serengeti.
Central Serengeti is an area dominated by fringed river courses and hills covered with wide grass plains, while the yellow barked acacia trees dominate the Seronera valley.

From South East as you drive to Serengeti from the typical Ndutu area covered with short grass, the typical Ndutu area covered with short grass plains, you can see the progress through the medium grass at Naabi to longer grasses in this area.

The change in the grass plains brings a difference in animal species and the area becomes dominated by Topi and hartebeest than the South of the park.

Migration highlights.
The herds spread to central Serengeti from Southern plains on their way West and North of Serengeti.

Rivers in Central Serengeti become focal points for game viewing as they come to drink in the dry season.