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Zanzibar Spice Tour

Spice Tours take visitors to various coconut and spice plantations and smallholdings out the in the country.

Zanzibar Spice tours
The great variety of species and plants grown in Zanzibar is used to food flavouring and preparation, cosmetics, dyes and medicines. Delicious fruits, including orange, lime, coconut and banana are grown in Zanzibar, along with lesser known breadfruit, jackfruit and custard apple.

Fragrant and aromatic species, such as cloves, nutmeg, ginger, chilies, black pepper and cinnamon, sea weed can all be seen growing and are for sale on boutique shops and roadside stalls.

It is possible, depending upon the season, to sample some of the edible fruits and to watch or join in with planting and harvesting activities. The recommended places for spice tour are Kidichi and Bwagamoyo for Unguja and Pemba respectively. Majority of visitors in Zanzibar ask for sea weed farming tour which is available along the coast of Zanzibar